About Terra

Terra has been an interior designer for 20 years. She has traveled the world, hosted TV spots, created beautiful works of art for gallery exhibitions, as well as working with numerous publications and photo shoots. Her interior design and artwork have elevated her design abilities, rendering unique interesting and cutting edge design and artwork. She has brought together a team of designers that are dedicated to bring the perfect balance of talent, experience and creativity that leave the clients extremely happy, trusting us to create their environment and wanting to work with us again! As seen in Architecture Digest

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About the Team

Terra Palmer Designs is a studio that consists of a multidisciplinary team of designers that are dedicated to the highest levels of detail and creative expression. Believing that each house should have its own unique personality, my team of designers juxtaposed different styles and eras, encouraging our clients to filter, mix and take risks with their own styles. We look at the whole picture to understand out clients distinctive personalities and lifestyles. We take the time to truly learn and observe and we help the clients to step into and embrace the bigger picture. This is how harmony is achieved, and it is how we create spaces where our clients can truly feel good about themselves and their environment. Our visions is created through our understanding of balance, structure, harmonious colors and abstract thinking. We realize the necessity for designs that are both live-able, and inspirational, while allowing our clients “personal stamp” to be present. We have received numerous awards for our work and have been featured in many local and national magazines. Terra was recently featured in Architectural Digest for Leading Designers of North Florida.

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